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Journey vs Destination



                  “ Roads were made for journeys, not destination “       

                             This principle applies in life too. Yes, it is true that life consists of a series of destinations one after the other. But to keep it simple and sound, it is more important to focus and enjoy the journey phase we are in. Sooner we realise and synchronise with our journey, smoother the ride will be. However, it is not that easy. As human beings, we might  zoom and think much about the targets and meanwhile, we end up losing the joy bound journey. Let’s have a look at how journey and destination differ in playing a good role in our lives.

Tourist vs Traveler:


                      A tourist on his bike ride would be very much concerned about the average speed he scheduled to reach the destination. A traveler, on the other hand, directs his energy towards enjoying the scenic beauty of the nature he travels through. He emphasises more importance on the journey he is in.

                       Oliver Goldsmith(Oliver Goldsmith)once said, “Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.”

Journey person vs Destination person:

             Our life comprises of a spectrum of events and moments right from our birth. If we gather the strength to enjoy those moments, then our life will sum up on a successful note and we become a journey person. If we relate our success in life with the achievement of the targets we set or the other person sets for us, then we end up as a destination person.

              I would like to mention the personality of MS Dhoni in this regard. MSD enjoys his journey(process) wholeheartedly rather than fixing his mind onto the target.But he will have a sight of the target for sure. This is very much evident through his Leadership. He encourages the bowler’s delivery despite its been hit for a six. That is where the trueness of journey orientation lies.

                If we keenly observe things, it is not the destination which gives us complete happiness. It is the journey which presents us with a wonderful path for happiness. However, at times, if we get completely immersed in the journey and  lose our focus, we might end up in a wrong destination or end up short of the target. Hence the delicate balance needed to be addressed.


   The process:

                         “People that are too much goal oriented are likely to focus more on the destination rather than the journey

                      To be honest, most of us are more goal-oriented and less process-oriented. We set the goal, work hard, achieve it. Then set another goal again. Work harder to reach it. This cycle spins again in the same way. While the outer structure of what I had mentioned above looks cool, but in its true sense,it is not so. The truth is, ‘we miss out on the process’.

                    The Process is a simple word in everyone’s dictionary. But it has got pleasure attached to it. Sticking with the process rather than the target can do wonders. However, it won’t be wise to say ,” life is all about the process”. Either extremes are disastrous I would say. There needs a delicate balance. Yes, balance is so vital for a healthy and wealthy life.



                “Success is a journey , not a destination.”

            Success lies in the journey  
                  Success in life may be independent of the end results. It is absolutely true that different sections of the society perceive success in a different way . But to a certain extent we can proudly conclude that success in our life lies in the journey than in the destination. If we believe in our process and honest with our work, then success is embedded in those moments of our process. The truest form of success lies in the moments of happiness despite being in the troublesome phase of life. Hence the road to success lies in the journey itself.

Lighthouse for destination

                 Yes, it is inevitable to have a target or destination which pushes or motivates us throughout our journey. The direction of the destination needs to be constantly monitored to be in a flawless path. Destination is like a lighthouse which directs the ship towards the shore. Without the lighthouse, we will be missed in the dark. Hence destination is the necessity, whereas the focus towards journey is mandatory so that we can strike a balance.


       “Begin with the end (destination) in the mind and do enjoy the process(journey) wholeheartedly”



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