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Emotional Intelligence- The code for life


              Every individual shall have the self-consciousness of ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. It is this self-awareness which benefits them throughout their journey of Life . In our growing years, it will be wise to know the virtue of emotional intelligence as high EQ sets the platform for dynamic IQ.

Emotional intelligence

                EI is a rational orientation which controls our emotions and prepares us to be steady in our path. It also deals with how we understand other’s emotions and how we help them prepare to be steady in their path. The signal for high emotional intelligence includes 

             Emotional quotient is the measuring scale of how good our emotional intelligence is which is about how better we control our emotions!!!  On the other hand, IQ is about measuring our intelligence.

             First of all, the emotions include fear, stress, anxiety, anger, frustration and the list goes on. Interestingly the list includes positive emotions also. The best way is to balance all the emotions in a much better way which gives a bright clarity towards his/her targeted path where he can tune his intelligent quotient. Hence the emotional intelligence is a kind of precondition for every aspect of life. It is very well mentioned by Daniel Goleman ( his 1995 book on Emotional Intelligence. 

           However, there arises a clear debate on EQ vs IQ.

EQ vs IQ:

               But the crystal clear justification will be on the supportive side of EQ. The childhood days are highly focused on IQ at a large. But the later part of the individual’s life say right from our adulthood and mostly during the twenties.. the focus and locus shifts to the leadership, management, social skills which at large demands the emotional intelligence at large.
               The great leaders right from Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc and technology giants of the present era , legendary sportspersons, etc are very strong in their basics of controlling their emotions well.

Take a look at how controlling the emotions can make our behaviour better behaviour-a-magical-marvel

                  EI plays a decisive factor in the leadership roles. The team spirit and organisational culture are better managed through a strong leader who is the product of high EQ rather than high IQ. Emotional endurance rightly shapes up a leader. In the zone of public administration with all practical lively games,  EI of the administrator plays a tremendous role in solving issues. 

               There are various ways to incorporate the emotional intelligence in the day to day life activities by

  • Open-mindedness- open to diverse ideas and opinions. Remember: that we cannot always be right in our own opinions. We need to view healthy opinions of others also. 
  • Self-consciousness – the best tool in all circumstances.
  • Being Rational and dealing with emotions better( it’s completely normal to have emotions; but it is mandatory to use our rational mind to deal with emotions).
  • Being Self-aware. ( Awareness about our strengths and weaknesses gives much better perspective to deal with our emotions better). Daniel Goleman has rightly pointed about Emotional Self Awareness as “knowing what one is feeling at any given time and understanding the impact those moods have on others”.

However the most important thing is that

Emotional intelligence is not the destination.

It is not the end point to be achieved in a definite time period.


      “it is a constant journey throughout our life”.

We have to be rational, apply our mind and deal with our emotions in every moment we live to make our life a happy paradise !!!


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