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Emirates Economy Class Review: What’s flying in Economy in Emirates like?

What is it to fly for 10+ hours in Emirates Economy class? This is an honest review on what you can expect when flying in economy with Emirates.

Read more: Emirates Economy Class Review: What’s flying in Economy in Emirates like?

Little about Emirates

Emirates is flagship carrier of Dubai Emirate of United Arab Emirates with Dubai International Airport serving as its primary hub. It is owned by the Government of Dubai through Investment Corporation of Dubai. It connects its passengers to over 150 destinations in Americas, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa, and Asia making its network one of the most extensive ones in the aviation industry.

Emirates fleet mostly consists of Boeing 777s and Airbus A380s.

From United Kingdom, Emirates flies from London Heathrow, London Stansted, Manchester, and Birmingham to Dubai through which it connects United Kingdom to rest of the world.

On my trip, I flew from London Stansted to Chennai in Economy class on its Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft.

I preferred to have a long 13-hour connection to break the long trip – highly recommended but had a rather short 2-hour connection on return flight.

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Seating Configuration

Economy class in Emirates are configured in 3-4-3 layout. If you are booking Economy Saver like me, you are required to pay for your seats. However, you are allowed to choose your seats for free when you are checking in online. I booked myself on Twin seats on the back end of the aircraft which makes you feel less congested. It’s also quieter compared to seats in the front. If you get stuck in the middle seat, you are going to feel a bit confined. If you have a short connection, you might want to pre-book your seats at front if the aircraft for quicker disembarkation.

My return flight was not full, I was able to get all the three seats for myself 😊. It helped make the 13-hour long flight little comfortable.

The leg room on the flight was decent and the seats reclined to my comfort. But I did hate the fact I had to close the window shades to get a decent sleep. I prefer the dimmable windows on 787’s instead. I don’t have to choose between getting good views and having a good sleep.

In-Flight Entertainment

Though the flight is more than 10 years old, the plane interior is upgraded and the entertainment system is cutting edge. Its entertainment system also known as “ICE” offers extensive collection of movies and TV series to keep you engaged during your flight. You get a cushioned earphone that looks like its noise cancelling, but rather not. Also, if you are Emirates Skywards member, you get free inflight Wi-Fi for text messaging applications like WhatsApp. You can pay 10 USD to get unlimited surfing, but media applications like YouTube is blocked though.

Food Offering

The options are not so elaborate, and if you want to secure a meal like for example vegetarian option, it is better to book it beforehand.

Emirates offered hot lunch (Rice with Butter Chicken or Steamed rice and vegetables) for shorter flight, and it offers lunch + snacks (Chicken Sandwich) for longer flights. But the offering was elaborate though compared to likes of British Airways. I like the face more and more airlines are starting to offer metal cutleries for economy class though.

The food was served hot, and it tasted okay, but it’s not my favorite though. Singapore airlines offers tastier food.

Check In Experience + Crew Behavior

The check in experience was smooth. The members are friendly, I had to wait for 5 odd minutes before I could check in. It was impressive considering that leg of the flight was full.

The cabin crew welcomed everyone warmly. The crew was friendly, and they proactively addressed passenger’s requests to ensure that they felt comfortable and well-cared throughout the flight. I have to say, the crew on Emirates Economy class were more friendly that the ones on Qatar Business class and BA Premium Economy.

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Emirates Baggage Allowance

Emirates offers 30 kgs of checked in luggage and 7 kgs of hand luggage. The hand luggage is also weighed, and they allow a maximum of 10 kgs for hand luggage if you are carrying a laptop.

Your check in luggage is expected to be within 30 kgs and you will be asked to pay if you are over the limit. If you are planning to carry more than your allotted 30 kgs, it’s better to pay for extra baggage beforehand. One thing to note is that you are only allowed to carry 32 kgs in a single baggage, if you exceed 32 kgs, you are expected to have a separate bag for it.


For most part, the flight was a comfortable experience. I was impressed with Emirates economy class offering. The flights were on time, and they were comfortable as well. As Stansted is my preferred choice of Airport compared to Heathrow, I would most probably fly with Emirates on my future travel.

My Emirates Rating

Check In – 4/5

Flight Comfort – 4/5

Crew Friendliness – 4/5

Reliability – 4/5

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