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How to have a daily Routine


Life is full of twists and turns. Yup, it ought to be. Especially in times of pandemic, everything becomes uncertain. One such thing which had gone uncertain in recent times is our daily routine. 

Routine brings us discipline and a scheduled day tends to make things perfect. A person with a routine in one’s activities gives equal attention to things in and around him. In return, the day looks beautiful and organised.  

A gentle day for an hardworking soul could start with fitness activities. You may wonder why so? Yes, it is. Fitness regime can of course do wonders in our daily lives. A tired mind will get rejuvenated by a walk/run/cycling/etc. Try it out. The modern form of chilling out is by doing the workout. 

Coming back to the topic, The routine.

In present times, many emotional and mental issues may arise in one’s life. The best way to tackle those moments is to stick on to a schedule and follow it religiously. Some may definitely argue that, whether life needed to be constrained by the so-called ‘scheduling’. The answer to that is, it depends on how better we tackle the situation at hand and proceed further. Sticking to a routine and schedule is just a tool to make things appropriate. I would not say one should follow it, but one may use it as a tool to get benefited from it. 

My friend often says, when she wakes up an hour late post-Dawn, the day gets messed up. I would say her to try waking up early and go for a walk in the fresh breeze of things. The day will surely be at different state of mind in a positive note. Here arises another debate of Early bird vs Night owl. Let’s have this debate on another article. 

 If we look at great personalities in the world, the one positive they all would have is their organised routine of things. Especially when we look at the military forces of the countries, their unique abilities and personality have its roots at their perfectly organised behaviour. Hence we can get inspired by such personalities.  

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Here I should for sure take the example of Nature. If we look at nature, all the small little stuff we come across stick to their routine and perfects at it. Nature can be the best inspiration for all of us provided we enjoy with it. Right from Sun to Moon every natural being are synchronised with their routine. 

Hence, all is well. Yup, Routine can make things in our lives all well. The most important part is consistency. With consistent performance and Sticking with the daily plans, we can make our lives real heaven on Earth. I would always say “writing is an art”. Now I would like to add  “implementing and executing our plans is an art too”. Routine and Scheduling helps. 

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