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Thinam Oru Kural – Daily Thirukkural #421

Thirukkural #421

Wisdom is Wealth

குறள் 421: 

அறிவற்றங் காக்குங் கருவி செறுவார்க்கும் 
உள்ளழிக்க லாகா அரண். 

Kural 421: 

Arivatrang kaakung karuvi seruvaarkkum 

Ullazhikka laakaa aran. 

True wisdom wards off woes, A circling fortress high; 
Its inner strength man’s eager foes Unshaken will defy. 


Wisdom is a weapon that wards off destruction; Wisdom makes us who we are and cannot be destroyed by our enemies. 

But when reading this kural, a question pops up in my mind. What is wisdom? Is it knowledge? Does being literate make you wise? 

This world is more connected than ever. We all read stuff, we develop our knowledge. But when does knowledge actually become wisdom? Knowledge becomes wisdom when we apply that knowledge to make a judgement with fairness and integrity. 

Eh, confusing? Well, we all have read moral sciences in our schools, right? How many of us (including myself) wait in line in railway stations or in a super market? With social distancing in place, how many of us was actually following social distancing in shops? 

Knowledge becomes wisdom when we allow it change who we are, allowing us to grow and develop.  It becomes wisdom when we use that knowledge makes us better understand who we are and our relation to the people, events and culture around us. 

Knowledge becomes wisdom when we use it make the world a better place. 


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