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Behaviour- a magical marvel

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          Behaviour is greatly the outcome of Morals, Ethics, Values, Attitudes of an individual. Out of these four – attitude has the greatest impact on the behaviour of a person. Positive attitude delivers prosocial behaviour.


  •  The value system of a person Encompasses morals and ethics, attitudes.
  •  Moral of an individual is his/her perception of right and wrong to guide their actions. If he/she behaves against his/her morals, then there arises the guilt. One might have their own moral code. 
  •  Ethics is a societal perception of right and wrong to guide the citizen’s actions,choices,etc. If one act against the ethics of society, then there arises the shame.
  •   Attitude follows morals and ethics as moral attitude and ethical attitude which ultimately shapes up the behaviour of an individual. Positive Attitude delivers prosocial behaviour. 

               Society plays a dominant role in tuning up our ethical system.  However, society is not independent of its cultural setup. Hence the person is majorly shaped up by their cultural values. 

      The education, society, family culture plays a great role in shaping up the value system of an individual. Such values, beliefs get habituated with the persons throughout their growing years. . This shows up in the form of behaviour of an individual when he/she faces any situation.


      However one cannot be so concrete in saying that behaviour will always be in sync with one’s value system. Behavioural disengagement can happen at times and it is in such tough situations one’s true emotional intelligence comes into play so that their emotions are better controlled to get them back in line with their own value system.  Take a look at Emotional Intelligence- The code for life

  Role of institutions in shaping individual behaviour:

               An individual’s behaviour can also be regulated by institutional laws, rules, regulations in addition to one’s own value system. For instance, the training module of a country’s defence forces for the trainee Cadet will be in such a way it modifies the cadet’s behaviour completely to be in sync with the forces general uniform behaviour. Such that the cadet’s acquired behaviour gets percolated in reverse to shift his/her entire value system in sync with the organisation’s values. Consistency in behaviour for a long period can also change the value,belief system of a person. However, herd behaviour might diminish the uniqueness in character. This is where lies a delicate balance.

            Behaviour is delicate and explicit to a person. Hence, It is most important to take care of one’s own value system whatever the situation may be, so that life becomes a happy place to behave in a righteous way.

all is well!!!


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