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The Crime Story : Simulation Hypothesis

Computer Matrix
Computer Matrix

Life was tuff for me. I had hard time finding my way around. It started small. Little thefts here and there. But life got a turn.

My first major crime. Stealing in a bank. I didn’t feel anything guilty. The money got what I needed, a home, a car and lots of left over cash to booze around. My life changed completely after that. More than all the booze, I liked the adrenaline rush in my body when I robbed that bank. It felt that I was the king of the world, that everyone was below me and I could do anything I wanted. I liked that.

Then I met her in the bar. She was like me. She loved to do things that everyone ever afraid to even think about. I liked that in her, and she liked me too. We spent some time together. Then it was the first time we robbed a bank together. We were disguised when we entered the bank, we both were holding a gun in our hands. Just like that we were able to force the cashier to put the money into our bags but that bastard somehow turned on the alarm and called the cops.

boy and girl in car

And that’s the moment that some kind of shock, a fear engulfed my entire body. We rushed out of the bank grabbing all the money we could. But still, the cops were ahead of us. They reached the bank when we were about to enter our car. They shot at us, and we had to run leaving the car behind. We ran and ran, over building jumping from one to another. Some cops confronted us, pointed guns at us.

At a fraction of a second, she pulled his gun away, and I hit him hard that he fell to the ground. Luckily there was a guy parking his car and we forced him to give him his keys. The police shot as we rode away, it was a miss. We barely escaped this time. All that adrenaline rush gave us some happiness, and when I turned to her she was unmasking herself. And in the darkness, I could see her face, happy from all the rush with wind blowing her hair over her face. That’s when I realised that she is the girl for me. And I wondered how this life would turn up for both of us.

But what I didn’t know was that both of us were characters played by someone in a video game. I was controlled by someone but it all felt so real. And that’s what is known as “Simulation Hypothesis

Its an actual theory in science folks ! The simulation hypothesis proposes that all of reality, including the earth and the universe, is in fact an artificial simulation, most likely a computer simulation. What if all our lives is actually a video game played by someone some where outside our universe? Is this even possible? Comment your views below.

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