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India China doldrums- “India-opinions”

Source: Gettyimages

         India China relationship is at doldrums. The worrying part is that this confusion in ties comes at the time of global pandemic and when the countries are facing lot of troubles. Especially when we look at India, this phase seems to be quite troublesome.

Image courtesy: The statesman.

          We have been keenly observing china’s position then at the time of Doklam standoff in 2017(Doklam Standoff )and at present. We are sure that Beijing is taking advantage of Delhi’s reactive stance. They follow the pattern of pushing to bilaterally step back and reaching the status quo ante and disturbing our routine patrol duties along the border. This year China’s disturbing attitude emerged multipointed at different spots and also violent attacks around Galwan.         

          India’s response needs to be proactive and calculated.The high level diplomatic talks are going on. Let’s see… how it goes. If we mainly analyse the factors leading to such unpredictable attitude from China, it is due to 

  • India’s allignment towards US.
  • India is against China Pakistan Economic Corridor
  • India’s possible venture into G 11 body.
  • India’s rising in Indo Pacific.

If we look at the solution to the problem, it could be multiple ways…

                      Mainly India has to strengthen up its neighbourhood relationship.India needs to overhaul the SAARC body and revive it in a way to help the situation in the South Asia. This could also enhance the economic integration across South Asia which will positively reduce the problems at hand as Economic Integration enhances the interdependence. Let’s see how it goes…


Have a look at China’s-hegemony

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