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Does Beast satisfy expectations? – Beast Movie Review

This is Srinivasan’s #OneManView on Tamil Movie ‘Beast’ directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, starring Vijay and Pooja Hedge in lead roles.

This is my take on “BEAST” by Nelson Dilipkumar. Lot of expectations from Nelson made this movie an average experience for me. This story is about a mall hijacking where the hero was inside due to his circumstances. As the trailer revealed everything there are no other surprise elements in the movie. I tried to keep my Vijay fanatism aside and say what worked and what did not. Basically am not a fan of Nelson’s story writing because of his previous films, but coming to humor am a fan of his writing. This movie – till the interval scene I enjoyed a lot and was sure this movie is gonna be a sure shot hit, but starting from the interval sequence the movie goes to an average one.

For this kinda film to be good it needs a strong villain to hold the story. A lot of recent biggies failed to do this. They tried to back the writing on the protagonist and fails miserably on both antagonist and protagonist. Even a decent villain would have made this movie a great blockbuster. I felt sad for the terrorist when he finally reveals the face behind the mask, I expected a lot more. I will say Vijay had given the whole freedom to Nelson, but he couldn’t hold it in the latter part of the movie. I just wanted to compare Doctor, because every character in the movie had made a mark in it. Here other than VTV Ganesh, Selva, Pooja, Psychiatric Doc and some scenes of Yogi babu and Redin had some marks other than that many have not worked out for me.

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I really liked the Pooja Hegde’s pairing with Thalapathy beautiful to watch they make quite a pair, I think she will get some more films with Vijay. Vijay was cool, terrific, and charismatic throughout the movie. Manoj Paramhamsa is the man behind the splendid visuals who take this movie to the next level in the grandeur, Splendid work from him. Anirudh as usual when it comes to Vijay he is on fire. Terrific bgm. CG was good everywhere. The artwork by Kiran was also good, the set looks real. If Nelson tried and put in a little more effort this could have been the best of recent Vijay’s films, it falls behind Master but is better than Bigil and Sarkar. I wish Vijay gives another opportunity for Nelson to overcome the mistakes he did with this one. The only satisfying thing is this won’t fall on “Kudumbangal Kondadum Vettri” as many recent biggies tagged this line with it because of its poor outcome. This is an average movie and worth a watch for sure.


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