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My favorite movies of 2021

The year 2021 ends lots of movies were made in Kollywood. This article is about the notable movies that I have watched or missed and which I had felt should have been avoided. Let’s start with the order by release date. In this article am criticizing the creator’s work, not the creators.


  • Theatrical

Master – Being an ardent Vijay and VJS fan this is the perfect movie I can expect from Loki. It has its flaws but is still the best movie of Vijay and VJS in recent times.

  • OTT

Maara – It’s a decent remake of Mollywood’s Charlie. I liked Ghibran’s work and DOP. Missed something from its original.

Kabadathari – Scene-by-scene remake of Sandalwood’s Kabadathari.    Nothing to say wrong in the movie but it’s a one-time experience that the original has already provided me.

Bhoomi – Boredom.

Pulikuthi Pandi – Another film from Muthaiah’s Cinematic Universe which even didn’t convince me to watch, though watched it and felt shitty.


  • Theatrical

Paaris Jeyaraj – Really enjoyed the movie, a perfect Santa’s movie. After 20 min into the film, Santa’s mania was throughout and I had a good laugh at theatres after a long time.

  • OTT

Kalathil Santhipom – It’s neither good nor bad.

Trip – Worst. Wasted 10 min. 

Chakra – Bored.

Kamali from Nadukaveri – It had some cliche scenes, but I liked the movie.

Aeley – One of the best movies of 2021. Beautiful movie.


  • Theatrical

Nenjam Marapathillai – After a long wait movie came for a theatrical went with a lot of expectations. Liked the movie till “Kannungala Chellangala” song after that the movie was a letdown. Yuvan’s Good,Bad and Ugly theme is still heard in my ears one of his best work.

  • OTT

Anbirkinyal – Good remake of Mollywood’s Helen. 

Teddy – Nah…

Kaadan – Watched in OTT after it got released in Zee5 cant get over 45 min.


  • Theatrical

Sultan –  I had great expectations for the movie. I felt that it would be a great masala film. In my opinion, the last masala film I had enjoyed was “Jilla” no proper masala films were made after that. But the movie was let me down by the backdrop story.

Karnan – This is one of the best movies of 2021. Many have the opinion it was over cinematic and “Pariyerum Perumal” is better than this. I had a different view on this “Karnan” is not “Pariyerum Perumal”. Karnan is a hero, hope, and savior of his people, then showing his character in an elevated manner is needed for this movie and I feel violence is the answer for oppression.

  • OTT

Paramapatha Vilayatu – Just watched for Trisha’s beauty. Bad movie.

Vanakam Da Mappilai – M Rajesh lost his mojo completely.


  • OTT

Malayasia to Amnesia – Liked the movie. Lots of humor worked. Liked performance of Vaibhav and Vani bhojan.


  • OTT

JagameThanthiram – Poor work of Karthick Subburaj. Bad movie.


  • OTT

Vaazh – An hopeless movie that had beautiful cinematography. Watched the movie completely bcoz of its DOP and locations.

Sarpatta Parambarai – One of the good movies that arrived in 2021. Best work of Ranjith after Madras. It has its own flaws like the draggy second half, One song wonder changeover. 

Thittam Irandu – Had some surprise elements. Not bad.


  • OTT

NetriKann – Bad movie.

Boomika – Bad movie.


  • Theatrical

Sivakumarin Sabatham – Completly avoided.

  • OTT

Dikkilona – An outdated mind’s work who got an opportunity to get hands in Time travel script. 

Laabam – Poor execution of late Janathanan. Worst movie.

Tughlaq Darbar – I liked this movie, some changes would have made this movie a good flick.

Thalaivi – Started watching and felt bored and dropped the idea.

Annabel Sethubathi – Am on the edge of hating “Tapsee” and “VJS”.

Friendship – HarbajanSingh – why the heck did you do this?

Kodiyil Oruvan – Nah, bad one.

Naduvan – Decent thriller.


  • Theatrical

Doctor – Best entertainer of 2021. A lot of good things about the movie. My Fav film of SK after VVS. Best in every aspect that an entertaining movie should be.

  • OTT

Lift – Liked this movie. Decent horror film.

Vinothaya Sitham – Irrespective of my ideologies, a decent movie had good humor. Thambi rammaiyah was good.

Aranmanai 3 – Watched just for its glamor, more like a B grade movie.

Udanpirappe – Deadly, had to watch it completely bcoz of my mom.

Oh Manapenne! –  A scene-by-scene remake of Tollywood’s Pelli Chooplu. Good remake. Loved the cute pair of Harish and Priya. More than that I loved the soundtrack of this movie.


  • Theatrical

Annathe – Disastrous and outdated movie that it should have not made.

Enemy – Had the potential of turning into a good movie, but somewhere it failed miserably.

Jango – First “time loop” movie, which is poor in making, casting, and everything.

Kadaseela Biryani – For those who like Dark humor and thriller, this is the movie you should never miss. This is the best movie that went unnoticed. Those who love cinema don’t miss this one.

Maanadu – Venkat Prabhu’s politics – the great movie that was made in Tamil cinema. He literally proved within a minimal budget we can provide a good sci-fi movie. Great screenplay and editing. This Editing work deserves a lot of awards.

RajaVamsam – Felt bored and went to this movie and felt bored and left the movie. Outdated mind’s work.

Vanam – Neither good nor bad.

  • OTT

Jai Bhim – One of the best movies in 2021. Neatly made, the movie is more of like docu-drama of a true story. Sengani, Chandru, and Raja Kannu Tamil cinema never gonna forget these characters. Powerful dialogues and engaging screenplay made this lengthy movie a great watch.

MGR Magan – Crap.

Pon Manikavel – Brutal Punishment.


  • Theatrical

Bachelor – I liked this movie a lot, it tells how a relationship is not to be. Some patches are needed. It’s a 3 hr movie but nowhere do I feel bored. 

Jail – I booked the ticket and changed my mind.

Anti Indian – Empty vessels make noise.  One of the worst creation that I have watched.

Rocky – Easily in my favorite movies of 2021. Do read my view on the “Rocky”.

Writer – Good movie. Felt a little draggy one. A lot of characters were written well.

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