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Anbarivu – #OneManView Review

This is my take on Anbarivu by debutant director Ashwin Raam starring Hip Hop Aadhi.

HipHop Aadhi has done a dual role in this film. This film is like a Tamil food named Avial which is a mix of a lot of vegetables and cooked properly but it missed the latter.

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This is a mix of a lot of crappy masala films and mixed into a much crappier version of those. Good elements in the film are two doll-like heroines who can’t act and “Arakkiye” song other than these I can’t find anything good to say about this movie. Coming to Aadhi he should seriously avoid message-oriented cringe films. He says some valid points but it become more and more frustrated when he does this repeatedly.

My score for Anbarivu – 1/5

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