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Hottest Summer in India : Earth Day & Climate Change

FRIDAY 18TH JANUARY 2013 EXCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPHS NSWRFS & FRNSW responded numerous appliances to a bushfire burnign for the second day around the Cessnock town of Aberdare . The fire burnt along Duffie Rd and bounded Maitland & Cessnock Rds. Multiple Taskforces were responded as well as aerial support from waterbombing aircraft. During the night backburning operations were conducted to establish containment lines. Rain fell during the operations over night as a southerly change passed through the region.

India witnesses hottest April in 30 years”. Headlines like this might sound familiar and usual unlike this : “Maldives buying land in India to accommodate climate refugees”.

Copyright Google – Earth Day Doodle

If you are reading this today (22-Apr-22) then you must be aware of the google doodle celebrating Earth day. It interestingly compares satellite images of different time periods where the landform changes are visibly evident. Have you ever wondered if all these changes are to be taken seriously as they are portrayed. Or maybe is it just the way nature grows? No it’s not about Trump calling it a ‘hoax’. Its about how well are we understanding this long-boring-yet-important “Climate change”.

Some developing nations argue that conventions about climate change limits their growth. Can we rephrase it like “It’s my time to pollute!”. Making policies for SDGs while asking for differential responsibilities to address climate change seems ironical. Necessity is the mother of invention innovation. Lesser responsibility with more time might hinder the necessity factor. Instead it’s better if the developed is made accountable for the vulnerable (like the climate refugees and small island nations) with added responsibilities. And the developing under necessity innovates.

Check various changes in our everyday environment due to climate change.

Copyright NASA –

Coming back to Google Doodle. Yes it is the way nature grows but not in this pace. We are simply accelerating the natural process in an unjustifiable rate. While writing this am in my native place, a small town where I am able to hear the birds chirping and leaves rustling, where summer is all about mangoes and not heat waves. Besides complaining about poor internet and lack of metropolitan like facilities somewhere I wish this town stays this way just as peacefully as it is. What do you say?


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