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All Of Us Are Dead – #OneManView

This is Srinivasan’s #OneManView on ‘All of us are Dead’ written by “Chun Sung-il”, directed by duo “Lee Jae-Kyoo and Kim Nam-Su”

#OneManView Review

This is my take on “All of Us are dead” written by “Chun Sung-il”, directed by duo “Lee Jae-Kyoo and Kim Nam-Su”.

This series happens around teenage, school-going students who were trapped in a Zombie outbreak. I usually like apocalyptic movies and series, it keeps you on the edge of the seats and gives you an adrenaline rush and I like that kind of feel. There are a lot of Zombie outbreak movies, but my favorite is “Train to Busan” because it has some emotional connection between the characters and I loved those emotional scenes.

Same goes with this series to. It had a lot of emotional moments, hope and everything. The particular scene where I felt more emotional was the bond between the lead character Cheong-san and his mother, where she watches her son sleeping. I had tears in my eyes. There was lot of such loveable scenes. I can’t get all names in the series, I felt trouble in getting names right. Character writing was good. It will be a great series for binge watching.

#OneManView Rating – 4.25/5

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