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Suzhal – #OneManView Review

What is Srinivasan’s #OneManView on Amazon series Suzhal ? – Suzhal starring Kathir as Chakkaravarthy and Aishwarya Rajesh as Nandini is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 

Suzhal Review:

This is my take on “Suzhal” by Pushkar & Gayatri. This is one of the amazing series that I have watched. Normally I don’t complete a series in a single sitting, but this series made me more curious and made me complete it in a sitting. Based on the title I expected for a sci-fi kind of thing based on english translation “The vortex”, but it’s my mistake. They gave a great thriller series around Mayanakollai festival coupled with a budding love story. I felt a little drag around 3rd or 4th episode. Not that the love scenes were boring but it could have been cut short to certain length, I felt it’s deviating from the fast pace to slow one. 

Suzhal has a rich production value and creators did a great job, by delivering good content. Sam CS music gave a rush to every scene, though some scenes were predictable, they were in an engaging manner. I was able to guess about two villains and it was between them and felt like am great . Everyone aced their role. This was one of the perfect castings in a series that I had seen. The metaphors and personification were here and there that links with reality, I while watching thought it might somehow turn to myth mystery thriller. The drama scenes were good. Overall If you got time of 6-7 hrs give a shot you might not regret. 

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