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Etharkum Thuninthavan – #OneManView

This is Srinivasan’s #OneManView on ‘Etharkum Thuninthavan’ by Pandiraj

This is my take on “Etharkum Thuninthavan” by Pandiraj. Suriya’s theatrical release after nearly three years. I was not expecting anything from the movie after seeing its initial promotions. The film is about the critical social issue where females are sexually assaulted and abused. Director had talks about a serious problem but executed it poorly. Even if you start to watch the movie after the interval, you don’t need to worry about the movie’s first half. The first half is simply filled with fillers. There were scenes in the first half that tested my patience to the core, many might like it, but in my opinion, these are poorly written dramas.

For me, the movie starts only 10 minutes before the interval. The second half brings small hope for the movie. There was a scene where the poorly written character of Priyanka got to score some points in the second half. I was worried that sentiment scenes might be so dramatic, but to my surprise, it was better. There was a particular scene where a husband shows support to the victimized wife, showing the “macho” of manhood, the family support, and how they should behave in that kind of serious situation.

I seriously felt the movie was very poorly written, and the cuts were not proper, many might have guessed scenes in advance, and the trailer was too revealing. “Summa Surrunu” was the only song that was okay. That song reminded me of “Gummuru Tapparu.” The Villain character could have been made more brutal. Positives in the movie are DOP Rathnavelu’s work. The stunts were fierce, and the intentions of the movie were good. Negatives were weak characterization and writing. There were problems with execution and music. Overall the movie is okay to watch and is going to be a hit. But still, a better screenplay and writing would have made me have some more good perspectives on this movie.

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