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Does RRR have its mojo to satisfy all sorts of audiences? – #OneManView

This is Srinivasan’s #OneManView on ‘RRR’ by SS.Rajamouli.

This is my take on S.S.Rajamouli’s “RRR.” It’s said to be one of the highest budget films made in India. First of all, the movie is not as convincing as I would think, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie. Coming to the showman, Rajamouli was great in his metaphors and execution. The story is a lot draggy; it should have been around saying 145 mins is solidly enough to narrate, but the film falls here a lengthy run time tested patience. Not that because of a long time, but also the second half of the movie was not engaging. Music by Keeravani, he was excellent. Some music reminded me of something old, but it is good. Cinematography and VFX deserve a special mention, except for the close-up tiger shots. Everything was good.

The art department also did a good job. Every frame was catchy. Ram Charan and Jr. NTR were good. Negatives – I say other than these two leads, none of the characters were strong enough to hold the movie. Say, for instance in Bahubali, mostly all characters have a significant role. Here Ajay Devgan’s role was ok but not that strong. Next is poor casting; this is mainly because there is no proper character arc for others. Even the villain role felt dummy. Lengthy and non-engaging second half. I personally felt Bahubali was a blockbuster because of its strong villain “Ballval Thevan” if the film has a strong villain, obviously it turns into a blockbuster, RRR fails mainly in this part. Coming to Madhan Karky’s dialogue seriously, what kind of dialog or in what thought you penned this dialog “Na oda piranthavan alla oduka piranthavan” this is what I heard If am wrong sorry for this statement, Say the character is revolting for independence how come oppression is the answer?

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Special Mention by Akilan Venkatachalam – Olivia’s performance was brilliant !! 

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