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Madras Kitchen Company ( MKC ) : Has Everything Right #DetroitFoodSafari

MKC, the new boy in town. It does everything right. It’s that good.


Some ingredients make a successful hotel. Only a few get everything right. And MKC is among those few.


Situated inside Westin-Velachery, its something unique. I have been tending to visit this hotel for a very long time, but haven’t got the opportunity to do so. But I was able to visit it on my recent stay at Westin, stay tuned for updates on DetroitStays folks.





A casual dinner, table booking was easy. Just call up MKC to get your table reserved, or you can always use Zomato. Make sure to make your reservations, this restaurant is usually packed.


Right from the beginning, everything impressed me. I suppose Westin pulled all its best staff from other restaurants to make sure that MKC has the best service. The team on service is too friendly folks. You can see the restaurant in-charge walking around talking with guests taking suggestions, and making sure that everything is just right.

The restaurant is uniquely designed with a unique chair and tables. It’s not linked with “Madras” in any way, maybe it might mean the causal tea shops around Chennai, I am not sure. But it’ beautiful. The chairs in the middle might be a little uncomfortable to sit on, but you can always ask the staff to switch them with other chairs if you feel uncomfortable.

I have seen menu styled like a newspaper before, but its just the list of items printed onto a long paper. But you can actually find facts about Chennai on this menu! Want to solve a puzzle while you wait for food? There is a word puzzle for you just on the menu. I literally read every word on the menu, it’s that interesting.

Beef Pepper Fry
Mutton Briyani





I ordered MKC Mutton Briyani and Beef Pepper Fry with Malabar Barota. I have tried Beef Pepper Fry with Malabar Barota at many places before, but so far, it’s the best one I have eaten. Words to describe it – “Out of this world.” The smell, its makes you even more hungry. I went to MKC the next day just to have that Beef Pepper Fry, it was that tasty. Mutton Briyani was pretty good too, but who cares about Mutton Briyani when there’s beef barota combo huh?



Overall, its one of the best hotels that I have visited this year. Price-wise, I didn’t feel like I was eating at a star hotel. Mutton Briyani and Beef Pepper Fry Barota combo cost 700 rupees. But it included the 30% discount through Club Marriott. Stay tuned on DetroitStays for more information about Club Marriott.

Detroit Food Safari Rating :


Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Worth the money: 5/5
Detroit Food Safari Rating: 5/5

Would I visit the hotel again? I already did


MKC - Madras Kitchen Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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