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SmokeHub Barbeque : Best Barbeque in Velachery ?

SmokeHub Barbeque Velachery
SmokeHub Barbeque Velachery

Velachery has almost all the barbeque brands you can find. Coal, AB’s, BBQ Nation – you name it. But, there is a new bad boy adding to the list. “Smoke Hub Barbeque”. Is it any better?

One fine afternoon when I was surfing looking for hotel deals, I laid my eyes on Smoke Hub barbeque. It was cheaper than other options. I controlled my temptation to book a table and ordered on swiggy instead. But after two days, I did book a table but I wasn’t hoping that it would get confirmed. To my surprise, it did get confirmed. I didn’t want to visit the hotel initially, but finally made up my mind to visit it.

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It’s a new restaurant. It was empty, probably that’s the reason my “one person” table reservation got accepted. The ambience was different. Like in the name, it was filled with smoke and the room was somewhat hot. I liked the fact that they were trying to bring out barbeque feel into you, like how you would feel when you are out in sun barbecuing.

Lemon Juice at Smoke Hub Barbeque
No Mocktails is a letdown !

The hotel staff was pretty enthusiastic. I was early, and dishes weren’t ready. The waiter politely told that the food would take 5 more minutes and he would serve me as soon as its ready. In the mean time they served me a cup of soup and some pani poori. I never thought I would start with pani poori that day. Complementary drink was plain old lemon juice, that’s a bit let down for people expecting mocktails. But you could get them ordered for an extra charge.

And then came the starters. How did it taste ? I never liked fish at any barbeque restaurant before, but this is the best fish that I have tasted in my life. It had the perfect balance of marination and fry. God, I will visit this restaurant again only for the fish. Other starters were good too. You get the usual, prawns chicken and fish. Specials include corn, potato, and mutton Sheek. Plus you also get honey chicken and chicken leg grill. I was pretty satisfied with the starters served on the table.

Chicken Barbeque
Variety of Barbeque

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Going to main course, there were sufficient variety of dishes. But there could have been some more live counters but frankly, I am not a live counter guy. I never ate anything in it. My dishes are starters served at the table and desserts. But I did try the crab over here, and it was pretty good. Desserts were sufficient. Nothing special there, but it did the job considering the price.

Some of the items at the Buffet
Best Barbeque in Velachery

Overall, the number of items were fairly limited. They did have all the essentials and everyone of them was good. Considering the price for which I dined, it was a pretty solid deal. 

Detroit Food Safari Rating :

Ambience : 4/5

Food : 5/5 ( This is for the fish, the fish alone)

Service : 5/5

Worth the rupee : 4/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 4/5 

Would I visit this restaurant again ? I already have a table reservation at the hotel.

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