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Jail #OneManView Review

Srinivasan’s #OneManView take on “Jail” by Vasantha Balan. How is it ? Is it a poor film from Vasantha Balan ? Let’s dig in.

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This is my view on Jail by Vasantha Balan, the name itself creates an expectation for the movie. He was good for his reality-based movies. He had written and directed some good movies. Now coming to Jail, the missing element was its execution. I liked the characterization of the 3 fellows. Showing the life of slum people the director shows that they do only bad things for a living that their opportunities are restricted because of where they come from. It is true to a certain extent. The love portion was felt more awkward than being intimate (Note: I know the difference between lust and intimacy). The film lacks its soul. Rokki’s character was good, Karnan was ok. Both these characters try to save their friends from turning his life into miserable as theirs. This plot could have been developed as a better one and if it’s executed properly this would have turned into a good film, but it falls apart.

#OneManView Rating – 1.5/5

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