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Decoupled – Is Marriage a One Way Trip ?


This is Srinivasan’s #OneManView on Netflix’s new series Decoupled starring Madhavan and directed by Hardik Mehta.


This is my take on “Decoupled” directed by Hardik Mehta, written by Manu Joseph. It’s one of the best shows that I had watched in recent times. You can’t say such serious issues directly in Indian Cinema and if you are about to say it should just tell what it is to be without hurting the sentiments of most people. Here the creators take their wit and comical sense to deliver what they have to say. This was delivered in a great manner with the support of the entire casting.

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Everyone deserves a mention, in the part, they have played. My favorite characters other than the lead were Mayank and Agni who were the buddies of Arya. Now coming to lead, Arya’s character was a well-written one, a person who has his own perspective, does the thing that he wishes to do without looking into others opinion, whether it’s good or bad he gets the satisfaction that it was his own choice and he can live with it. I searched for some perfect word for describing the character of Arya but I couldn’t find it. I can’t say he is a misanthropist because he do not hate all the people, he just shows the dislike of the person with whom he feels uncomfortable. Now coming to Shruthi I just felt some reason is missing in her wish to part away from Arya. The person she loved doesn’t change but her perspective on him changed with respect to surroundings judgment .

I really enjoyed how the marriage should be, how it should be even if they are going to get separated. There is a lot of dialog comparison describing the relationship between Shruti’s Parents and between Arya and Shruthi which the creator showed intelligence in telling what he was trying to say about the marriage , how it is and how it should be. I completely enjoyed the show, with a lot of humorous moments. Scenes involving Mayank and Agni were lit couldn’t control my laughter.In my opinion, if the marriage falls and if it’s beyond repair it’s better to fall apart than live a compromised life.

#OneManView Rating – 4.5/5

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