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#Diwali Treats : Chumbak – Vogue and Variety


This Diwali, with Corona around many are looking at online option for their Diwali shopping. Recently I checked out the elegant website of Chumbak’s. They cover range of products starting from dresses, beauty products, home decors, stationaries to gifts. Primarily, I looked for the clothing varieties like dresses and tops in this brand.


Speaking of the dress’s collections, it included long dresses, short dresses and few jumpsuits, all of which were casual wears. You could cover the entire collection in just few scrolls. Even though the number of dresses displayed is limited, there were a lot of varieties like high neck, v neck, 3/4 th sleeve, sleeveless, asymmetric and so on. As I said the number of dresses in each variety is less, however finding such varieties in this limited number of dresses is appreciative. I would easily spot two to three favorites from this collection.

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Personally, I liked this A-line dress because it is different from other usual dresses. The frill trim makes this dress unique. Though it would have been better if it had some exciting colors, I still like this dress for its uniqueness.

Chain Stitch Ruffle Trim Black A-Line Dress

This multicolored skater dress also grabbed my attention. Sometimes, multicolored dresses end up being gaudy, but in this case, it is adorable and attractive.

Swinging Hues Multicolored Skater Dress


About the pricing, the price ranges from 500 to 2500 rupees. Now there is 30% to 70% offer for the dresses. I would suggest having a look at this website for buying casual dresses.

Coming to the tops collection, the number of tops were limited, yet there were varieties like peplum tops, tank tops, layered tops, off shoulder top and tops with high neck, and balloon sleeves. You could also spot few tees. The collection of tops was plain, and I did not find it that attractive. It was hard for me to pick two tops from this collection. The price ranges from 200 to 1700 rupees. Due to the 70% offer, the average price for the tops is around 500 to 700 rupees.

Consider Chumbak for this year’s Diwali Purchase. Check out Chumbak here !


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