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Cycling : For a Healthy and Wealthy Life

cycling in hills
cycling in hills

                    Everyone desires for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of us are stuck in a loop of a sedentary lifestyle. There are many lifestyle enhancers which prove to be useful in our journey of life. This includes attractive work culture, morning culture of staying fit through exercises and meditation and many more. However, COVID-19 has made life difficult which in turn pushed all of us inside the loop of isolation which again sort of lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

                       COVID-19 days are going to last longer. It is in our hands to reverse the trend and again continue our lives in a healthy way with lots of exercises, finding and sticking to detox which could reduce the stress due to increased technology penetration in our daily lives and turn us into a healthy being.

                      One such thing which can provide us with a positive feel throughout the day is cycling. Going outdoor for a ride of 20 to 30 minutes shall provide us with a lot of “feel-good chemicals” in our brain which gives us a wonderful feeling.

             “Healthy lifestyle requires a healthy routine.”

                            The benefits of cycling in our daily routine include,

  • Increased Cardiovascular fitness.
  • To regulate the moods in a positive way.
  • To reduce stress.
  • The best medicine to fight depression, anxiety.
  • The best medicine for heart diseases, diabetes, etc

                  “Miles to go as the dawn sets in”

                      Experts advice that around 10kms of cycling a day shall keep the mind and body sound and stable. Added to the health benefits, cycling can keep our mornings engaged with the like minded groups which indeed shall make the whole day energetic. Consistency plays a greater role in deriving the benefits of cycling. The beauty is that cycling as an aerobic exercise can be taken by all the age groups. I would emphasise that, it can be enjoyed by all !!!    

   “ Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle”


       “An early morning ride is a blessing for the whole day”.

                                There are many good looking road bikes in the market. The one which caught our attention was Btwin Triban100. It is an entry-level road bike with all the necessary features embedded in it at an affordable price. It looks durable as well as comfortable even for long rides. It can be a good option if you are looking for a road bike at an affordable cost. Triban 100 comes with Shimano gear set which enhances your gearing experience. The one thing to be looked at is the index shifters which takes time to get used. Thanks to 32 mm tyres which takes on roads, gravels and trails with a gusto!!! However, one of the drops down handlebar models of Triban100 has been discontinued. But to the beauty of Triban, other variants in flat bar and RC model are available.The aluminium frame provides a light weight ride and an unique comfort.

                Added to Triban, there are many budget models that Btwin offers . The advantage is that the service for Btwin cycles are available at all the Decathlon stores across the country. Also Btwin models offer comfort and durability and it can be fetched through online Decathlon stores as well. Grab one to get the best of the ride. Don’t forget to wear the safety gears.  Enjoy the ride and lead a healthy life.

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