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Windows 11 looks a lot more like Windows 10X

Microsoft is about to announce its latest version of Windows later next week and its matter of time before leaks starts to appear. First screenshots of the alleged Windows 11 appeared on Baidu, and we dive deeper into the leak.

To be clear, under the hood Windows 11 is same as Windows 10. Microsoft is bringing new UI to Windows, and hence the new branding to bring hype around it. Like Windows 10 versions, Windows 11 is same as Windows 10 with Home, Pro and Enterprise editions.

Looking at the screenshots, Windows 11 looks like Windows 10 X, the version of Windows specifically designed for dual-screen devices. Windows 11 carries Windows 10 X shell on top of Windows 10.

windows 11 about

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With the updated UI comes the new windows logo- the blue Microsoft logo. The new UI includes rounded corners updating itself to the latest design aesthetics.

Windows is also getting rid of Windows Live Tiles in start menu. Instead, it is replaced by the new widgets like the widgets on macOS. There is not a lot more to cover from the screenshots and we are just a week away from official launch.

windows 11 start

It is also to be noted that Microsoft has updated its support validity for Windows 10. The company is committed to support Windows 10 until 2025, moving away from its earlier commitment of “Windows as a Service” policy with Windows 10 being the final major release. But we are yet to know more about Windows 11 and it’s expected that Microsoft would allow its Windows 10 users to upgrade freely to Windows 11.


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