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What’s people’s opinion about the new One Plus 8/8 Pro?



I am an iPhone user. I love my iPhone, but still I miss the good old HTC One M8 days. The days when every smartphone release would have something interesting about it and would be still affordable to a normal geek.

To be honest, I am bored about current iPhone design. The only thing that keeps me from making the shift is camera and its unbeatable performance. Well, Android smartphones does age with time. For some reason, they get slower as time passes unlike an iPhone. And that’s where One Plus has an advantage. To make iPhone users to make the jump. My friend once had on One Plus 3T; years have passed but the One Plus 3T performed as well as it was freshly out of the box. And that’s One Plus. Pure Performance. But Camera? Well, that’s an area where One Plus was reluctant these days to offer the quality that I would expect from a smartphone.

But when One Plus 8 Pro came out, I was pretty impressed by what it has to offer. But I was still reluctant to make the jump especially because of the price its out. Not that iPhone is cheaper than One Plus, I wasn’t ready to give up a brand that I was holding dearly for a very long time. I was wondering if other people’s opinion was about the One Plus, and alas a survey.

The aim of the survey was simple. To understand if people was ready to make the jump.

Indian market is pretty tricky to work with. It’s price sensitive, but at the same time people want the best of the best. As evident from the survey, almost every people wanted to have a smartphone that has the best camera, offers the best performance and at the same time available at an affordable price. Well, that’s the wave Xiaomi has been riding for some pretty long time, right?

Some Pretty Interesting Facts from Survey:

  1. Almost 90% of the people knew about One Plus 8/8Pro
  2. Among many who participated in the survey, Only one mentioned “Warp Charging” as their favorite feature on One Plus.
  3. “Performance” – that’s what One Plus is known for.
  4. Previous One Plus users does not mind about the increase in pricing.

Though One Plus has been pushing its brand name out for some time now, people are yet not preferring One Plus brand as a factor of purchase above price like Apple users. For some people like me, we trust Apple. We trust them to provide a quality smartphone. So as Redmi to provide affordable smartphones. It seems One Plus is yet to make a name for itself as a brand.

But are people ready to make the jump to One Plus? There are three categories of people here.

  1. People who own budget android smartphone.
  2. People who own high end android smartphone.
  3. People who own an iPhone.

People who own a budget smartphone still looks to be reluctant in moving to a higher priced smartphone. They like the performance that One Plus has to offer but is not ready to shell out higher price on buying a “premium smartphone”. Advantage iPhone SE2.

People who own a high-end android smartphone is not looking to buy One Plus 8 Pro yet because of its higher price. This is where things get tricky. Though some people like me dislike the lower camera quality that One Plus 8 offers, about half of the people on high end smartphones may just prefer to buy One Plus 8 just for its performance.

At last people who own an iPhone, well for folks like me One Plus 8 Pro offers what we expect from a smartphone. A no compromise smartphone. But for loyal folks like me, Apple has to offer something interesting soon or loyal Apple fans might make the jump from iOS to Android after all.

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