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The Smartphone Karma

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Smartphones do not even have Nicotine; how did they get so addictive? In fact, so much addictive that you can always push a smoker to quit but not a smart device user. The amount of money we spend on E-devices is not even half of what we spend to live a healthy life. The worst part is that we don’t even have a Rehab for this form of addiction, or let’s even consider building one, can we build enough for all of us? 


All the smart devices we use eat up nearly 8 – 16 Hours of our day. From Mobile phones to Laptops and from TV to gaming stations everything has become an integral part of our life. In fact, all these devices are so smart that they have become a one-stop solution to all our basic needs. They are our schools, work stations, entertainment, banks, and even the clothing and grocery store. Imagine the amount of stress we put them through to get our work done. We carry them around, run them 24X7, throw them around on the couch. We don’t even give them enough rest to recharge themselves. They undergo so much wear and tear that their performance starts depreciating after a particular point of time.

Driving Car With Phone
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But the Smart devices are smart. They have their revenge for all the tough times we put them through. Smart devices end up hazardous to humans in various ways. The accidents caused by texting and driving and the health hazards caused by them can turn out catastrophic for the whole human race. The goal is to find a centreline for mutual coexistence because the lesser we use them, the lesser they have their evil effects on us.  

Children addicted to phone
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 How do we achieve this?

Finding the perfect Device/No device balance can be quite challenging but is possible through conscious efforts. Digital Detoxing our body from the smart stains is just as important as a daily shower. But is it practical to give up all your screen time? 

There are easy ways to embed Digital Detoxing into your everyday life without affecting your tech relationship. 

  • Detox while working: 

Although most of our office jobs require us to sit in front of the screen for long hours, it is possible to detox in small doses while you work. Take a break now and then to catch some coffee. If you are at your workplace go out for some fresh air at regular intervals. If you are working from home take breaks and spend time with your family or try cooking your favourite meal. 

  • Turn Notifications off: 

As much as notifications can be informative, they can be distractive as well. When you are done with your working hours try turning the notifications off. Also, delete apps that you don’t use regularly. Notifications from these apps aren’t worth your distraction. 

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  • Make your Bedroom and Bathroom no tech Zone:  

The screen’s blue light convinces our brain to think its daytime which in turn results in not being able to sleep even if we are in the bed. It can also make us anxious and insecure and thus cause insomnia in due course. It’s better to leave our phones outside the bedroom; it will help you sleep better and improve intimacy with your partner in the bed. Invest in an alarm clock. 

Taking phones to bathrooms can be one of the most terrible things we can do. The screens of the phone attract E-coli which in turn ends up resulting in diarrhoea and other tummy troubles. We never clean our devices even if it’s the only thing we stick our hands to – every minute of the day. 

  • Designate Screen-Free hours: 

Allocate a couple of hours in a week maybe a Sunday solemnly to spend time with family and friends. Go out on a family picnic for lunch or take a small drive along the country roads with your friends. Take some time to reflect on yourself and try rediscovering paper for basic needs. 

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  • Eyes on Roads: 

Connect your device to the car music system and put you phone down for the rest of the drive. Looking at your phone while driving puts not only your life at risk but also the life of any innocent person on the road. Nothing is more important than safety; so all your notifications can wait.  

Now that it is impossible to live without them lets learn to live with them. Let’s Digital Detox our body from the effects of smart devices and also give the smart devices a free day to lie back and relax only for mutual benefits. I honestly believe the government should start a Digital Detox India movement.  


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