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Dear Hilton Chennai – COVID Precautions 



Disclaimer first, this post is not a review of Hilton Chennai or its offerings. It’s rather a kind message to its management team to bring up few of its short falls in safety during COVID times. We understand that the hotel management is working hard to keep up during hard times, but there are some things that needs to be addressed especially after the recent outbreak at ITC Grand Chola, I feel that this post is now necessary to safeguard the safety of the guests in the hotel and at the same time for the hotel management to keep up their good faith guests put upon them. 


  1. There is no thermal screening at the entrance of the hotel. I booked for stay at Hilton for two days and for those two days, there was no thermal screening being done to its guests at the entrance. I saw some videos online showing automatic screening at Hilton, but I am sure that the system was inoperable during my visit. The hotel had some events happening at its ballrooms during my stay, and there was no screening done for any of the guests. 
  2. I appreciate the fact that hand sanitizers are kept at most common places, but please fill them.  
  3. Please check the room to ensure that it’s up to the quality that Hilton promises. Power plugs inside my room was not working and I really do not want someone from housekeeping to come and fix the issue after I checked in. You do understand the concerns customers might have with regards to housekeeping, – the importance of reducing contact.
  4. Thermal screening. It’s extremely important. I felt very uncomfortable during my stay at Hilton just because of lack of thermal screening. Second, please ask every one of your guests to wear mask at common places. Please ensure that the security at front does not allow guests to enter into the premises without wearing a mask. 

With recent outbreaks at resorts, if someone from Hilton is reading this post, please make sure that you have made necessary changes. This post would be updated if Hilton takes appropriate action. 

Also, people – Please wear a mask. COVID is not gone, wear a mask. Prevent its spread. 

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