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Valimai – #OneManView

This is Srinivasan’s #OneManView on ‘Valimai’ by H.Vinoth

This is my take on “Valimai” by H.Vinoth. After a long wait of nearly 2.5 years, I was able to watch Ajith Kumar’s performance on a large screen. Now coming to the movie’s script, this is a poorly written script by H.Vinoth after Theeran’s non-engaging first half. Many may have a different perspective of my statement, and this review is based purely on my views of this movie. In my opinion, the editing was poor, and Vinoth might have lost his touch. The movie had a lot of patch-up works for sure, and there were irregularities in the presence of Ajith all over the film.

Villain’s character was poorly written, much so that I didn’t bother to know his name in the movie. Background score is a fail, and seriously it’s hard to accept that background score fails in such a big movie. They could have used the Whistle theme all over the film; it was the only score that was good.

I don’t want to list any spoilers, but whenever Arjun mentions the difficulty in tasks, he says, “Na Pathukuren”. First 30 minutes and the last 45 minutes should have been avoided. It tested my patience a lot. Other than that, the movie was engaging despite its poor villain character. I felt sad for the villain “Nam satanin adimaigal”. Justifications for the crime they are committing are baseless, and the judgment was given by the character Arjun at the end was stupidity at its highest level. In short it’s an okay-ish movie, neither good as said by the fans nor as bad as told by the criticizers. If you ask me, this movie is better than all Ajith’s movies after Yennai Arindhal.

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