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Online Education : Overhaul Needed ?

We often wonder the uniqueness and exactness of taste in every hotels under their brand chain. This is because of the centralised kitchen they use to make and serve the delicious food to  the people . Here the keyword is “Centralised” . The  benefit is that it serves the clients in a same way throughout, without any sort of discrepancy.


               Education- a sacred term. The inner purpose of education is to experience the marvel of worldly features in an inquisitive way. However due to several factors involved, the education is served in an unequal way to the learner’s. There might be some kinda solution to this problem so that students and learner’s can access the same recipe with right proportion of ingredients.

            One such solution will be Online Education.

However there will be limitations too :

Let’s look at few platforms which will serve our purpose of online Education.



             In India the vital issue will be the network infrastructure. Yes,it’s obvious in the country of 1.4 billion population. From the recent report , it is clear that 55 thousand villages out of 6.5 lakh villages lack proper network connectivity.


         However , thanks to Bharat Net project of laying fibre optics in 2.5 lakh Villages. It is proposed recently to increase the numbers. Such proactive initiatives will boost the online education virtue of our country.

            Also, through online education- the competencies of the students can be targeted and improved rather than the syllabus completion attitude of the schools. From time to time , the booster skill packages to improve the mental well being and emotional intelligence(Emotional Intelligence -the code for life) improvement can be delivered through online ways. Such innovations may improve the herd resilience and tune the attitude of the student community in a joyful way possible. It definitely can improve the productivity factor. 

             India is surplus with number of schools but deficit in number of quality teachers. Specialization Of teachers is also a big question ?. We for sure need innovation in all the fronts.

             Such innovations definitely need the state support. The current year education budget penned at 99000 crores. Skill development is separately budgeted at 3000 crores. As a developing nation, we need more crores still to develop the system altogether , for which online platform can play a lead role.

              For higher education, Degree level full fledged online education programs will be offered by top 100 institutions in National Institutional ranking framework.



Post Covid world

     In the post Covid-19 world, the online medium will play the much needed proactive role. We need many initiatives and innovations in the online platform. Few may 

  • The synchronised edu online apps which serves the end to end purpose.
  • The “centralised resource collections” for the whole country and her students. In this perspective, country is the school and citizens are her students. – this would be “A way to build a true educated and skilful community”.
  • Periodic online assesments and necessary certifications to boost the morale of citizens.
  • An end to end built in platform which actuates the real classroom in a virtual world.

                                                                        – Ideas to be continued




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