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Governance! “India opinions”

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The governance of a country needs to be in good shape for a healthy system.
                        Often, it is not the case. Guess why?

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            As per 2019 reports, 43% of Members of Parliament of India are facing the criminal charges pending against them. The healthy system needs sound and honest minds. People with pending criminal case contesting election and being in legislature sends out a wrong signal. Criminalisation of politics leads to poor governance and yes the system gets worse. We are in urgent need to reform the system in the best possible way to get the democratic candidates on board.

Source: Gettyimages

           The immediate reforms needed in the form of political will to frame stricter laws. Recent judgements can be a basis to this 

  • Candidates need to declare their financial assets and criminal cases against them.
  • The party which gave the ticket should give proper reason for doing so.
  • There should be transparency in party’s website declaring the criminal records of the candidates.
  • Voters should be aware.

           Despite the apex court judgments , the situation is still not good. Because the party finding shortcuts and not properly displaying the criminal records of their candidates. Good and well informed Democratic candidates must take the party forward. 

           Hence we need the lawmakers to step in. Funny right? Lawmakers going to make law against themselves? In a country with identity politics at the forefront we need a big political reform to take place. 

So what will be the possible solution???

                         Political correctness at the individual level is needed the most. The candidates charged with cognisable offence need to be debarred from contesting election. NOTA option introduced was a kind of solution. The solution also lies in the people’s power of ‘vote’. That’s why Democracy is still celebrated across the globe. Voting the clean and able legislator with good analysis is need of the hour. Let’s see how it goes…


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