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Hakka Xpress : A #metoo Chinese Restaurant

Hey, is it only me that finds Chinese only restaurants odd ? Don’t get me wrong, i love Chinese but aren’t there too many Chinese restaurants in the market these days ? And almost every restaurant has the same damn menu !! Why !!! 


Hakka Xpress is another Chinese restaurant that tries to capitalise on the food delivery segment. They offer affordable combos that you can find in almost all Chinese restaurants nowadays. Hakka express is one of the cheap restaurants from whom you can get a fried rice and chicken side for less than 200 INR.

I ordered Chicken Fried Rice with Chilli Chicken Combo along with Schezwan Fried Rice with Chilli Beef Combo.

Coming to taste, I hate Fried Rice from these Chinese restaurants. It’s just too plain with no spice in them. Roadside restaurants – Fried rice from them have a kind of spice in them. I find the Schezwan variety from both of them to be too spicy, there is a fine balance when it comes to cooking fried rice. I kind of want it spicy but not too Spicy. Too confusing ? Well, in short, I prefer Fried Rice from cheaper roadside restaurants than these fancy Chinese ones. And please add some eggs and Chicken to the fried rice please ! It kind of tasted like a veg one. 

Coming to the sides. Soupy with the right mix of tomato and chillies. I love them. 

As I said before, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants that try to capitalise by providing combo offers on food delivery. But, the differentiating factor among them is their packaging, speed and quality of food. When it comes to packaging, it’s okay. Hakka Express uses plastic containers for both food and gravy. Not so healthy but others aren’t different in this case. You don’t get the fancy chinese packaging containers but it’s okay. Unlike other restaurants, this restaurant was pretty quick to cook and pack the food. Other chinese hotels (Not to be named ) literally take an hour to cook the food.

And finally the Quality of food. As i mentioned before, i am not a fan of this kind of fried rice, but it’s okay. Not the best. But not the worst either. And the gravy was pretty good. Plus points for that.

Detroit Food Safari Rating: 

Packaging : 3 / 5 ( Please avoid plastic containers )

Speed : 4 / 5 

Quality of food : 3 / 5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 3.5 / 5

One Liner : If you are a fan of Chinese food and do not want to save some bucks, give Hakka Xpress a try. 

Order from Hakka Xpress now. Order Now. Use Code SWIGGYIT to get 20% off on your order. 

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