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IPL with Empty Cricket Stands

csk chepauk it is not match
csk chepauk it is not match

 Empty stands, Void filled by the breeze, swing of the ball echoing. Yes, it is all about the new Normal being adapted by the sport Cricket. Cricket as a sport has evolved over time. With Technology as the catalyst, cricket has undergone a brilliant transformation. 

 The last month’s England West Indies test series and the ongoing T20 series between England and Australia paints the New Normalwhere empty stands convey some hidden messages to all the fans- The game of cricket can never be the same without the energetic audience. However, it’s time to embrace the new beginnings and new settings with respect to the global situationThese series can set an example for the upcoming Indian Premier League to be held at the bio-secured United Arab Emirates. The matches will be played in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. 

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                        The pandemic showers its impact in every aspect of the human’s life. The sport is one of the victims. The concept of Bio Bubble has evolved recently in the sporting arena especially the cricket. The players stay inside the Bio bubble. So, what is a Bio bubble? The experts have defined the bio bubble as the process of isolating the players from the outside world, be it from fans or public. With the advent of technology, the players and their actions on the field can be seen live telecasted.  

                       An Eminent player once said, “ cricket is the best teacher which clearly portrays the life lesson”. Even in this difficult pandemic situation, cricket as a sport will teach us important hardworking principles of life– “Whatever happens, life has to move on”. It is this wonder lesson cricket teaches us with great emphasis, despite thdifficult situation at hand.  

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