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COVID – Le-Commentator Survey



Thanks for participating in our survey. Before you fill out our form, let us explain our goal for this article.

We understand that COVID is more vulnerable because of its nature to spread before making a person ill. It’s killer combination of its ability to spread and do it effectively before it shows any symptoms makes it a killer virus.

Diwali is festival of happiness. People celebrate it to spread joy. Families interact. And during that interaction, COVID might spread. We are looking to write an article that might help people to be better prepared, celebrate the festival with precautions.

Why do we need your help ?

We need our article to be scientifically relavant. We want your medical communities opinion with respect to COVID when celebrating a festival like Diwali. For that we might need to get in touch with you to get your opinion about things.

If you are interested, please fill out this form below.

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