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Pixel 4a – Best Camera in a Smartphone

pixel 4a- cover -lecommentator

Google undoubtedly pushes the best camera in a smartphone. Every year, the Pixels set the benchmark for smartphone photo quality. This year is no different, the Pixel 4a undoubtedly is the best camera for price in Indian market. But, is this the smartphone you should buy? And can you buy it?

Pixel 4a as usual is a plastic phone with a clean matte finish to it. But though its plastic, it does not look cheap when you hold it in your hand. The soft matte finish along with a solid build makes it a pretty good. This is not a big smartphone. It comes with a 5.8-inch OLED display with a hole cut on its side for front camera. And yea, the phone has a headphone jack – if you are not into dongles or wireless music.

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pixel 4a - with box



The phone is powered by Snapdragon 730G coupled with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Not a powerful processor, true. One Plus Nord is equipped with processor which is more powerful than the one in Pixel. But at a lower price. But it’s not the specs that makes this smartphone unique. It’s the software. Google’s software magic which we would see cover in detail. The phone has a single 12 MP camera. No quad camera marketing stuffs. A single sensor, which on paper looks bad when compared with other smartphones like the One Plus Nord. But how can this single camera produce one of the best pictures? Pictures that look better than the one iPhone XR’s and iPhone SE’s can’t shoot? 

pixel 4a - front camera

Software Experience 

It all comes to image processing optimization that Google does the best than any other smartphone manufacturer in the market. Ever since Google announced its Pixel lineup, it did not have the best camera sensors in the market. It did not have a quad sensor array to produce the kind of images it takes. It does it through something called “Computational Photography”. Something that every manufacturer is trying to do, but can’t. HDR+, Smart HDR, in the names the brands use for computational photography – Google does it best. 

pixel 4a- full image

Google is a software company, and the thing that it does the best is Software. And that’s evident from its smartphones. Even though the Pixel has a less powerful processor, Google has optimized the software in a way that the phone is smooth and fluid. This software optimization is what makes an iPhone, an iPhone. Apple’s software – hardware optimization. In Android – Google has it. 

If you are looking a person who takes a lot of photos, and is not ready to spend a ton to get a better camera smartphone? Then Pixel 4a is undoubtedly the smartphone you should buy. Period.  

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pixel 4a - camera

But, can you buy it? 

Pixel 4a starts at INR 31,999 and is exclusive on Flipkart. The phone released in August took two whole months before Google announced that it would come to sale on Indian market. But after its announcement, Pixel 4a has been plagued with unavailability on Flipkart. From launch, Pixel 4a has been undeliverable in most of the big Indian cities. While Google has been saying that the phone went out of stock in 30 minutes during its first sale, it did not release any numbers. Further, the phone was to be sold again on 29th of October during which also, the phone was out of stock. 

Google has not announced the availability of its recent Pixel offerings – 5 and 4a 5G in India. And unavailability of the only smartphone it offers raises question – Does Google really wants to sell its smartphones in India? 

Fun Fact ! You can get Pixel 4a from Amazon – But at INR 50000 – If you need it so desperately.

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All images in this post is courtesy of GSM Arena.

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