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MSI’s Summit Series – Slim laptops for Business needs

MSI Summit Series
Source: MSI

MSI – The name is analogous to gaming laptops. But, MSI recently announced its new slim business line Summit series laptops targeting remote workers. How does it compare with other business line laptops ?


The new Summit lineup consists of 13 inch “E” series and a 14 inch “B” series. The “E” series offers an 13 inch convertible also. The entire summit line looks like high-end business laptops made with premium aluminum chassis. Pricing is yet to be announced by MSI.

The new Summit series adds support for Thunderbolt 4 with Tigerlake processors capable of PCIE 4

Both B and E series laptops are powered by Intel’s 11th Generation Tigerlake Processors which also adds for Thunderbolt 4 support.

The E series model is more targeted towards creative work. Its series consists of laptops with Nvidia GTX1650Ti Max-Q . The E series laptops features “AI Noise Cancellation” to remove any background noise. We are yet to know how it performs in real world though. The E-series comes with 1080p display with some models supporting touch features. Some models are equipped with display that coves 100% Adobe RGB Gamut range.

Summit E13 Flip
MSI Summit E13 Flip. Source: MSI

The B series has models that comes with 1080p display that covers 99% of Adobe RGB Gamut or you can choose models that supports 45% of NTSC color space.

B series laptops comes with one Thunderbolt 4 port, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Ports, an HDMI port and Micro SD card reader. MSI claims that B series laptops can provide upto 10 hours of battery life.

E series laptops comes with two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a micro SD card reader. Depending on the model you choose, it can support either two or one USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports. It comes with Windows Hello Facial Recognition and a finger-print reader. It also has a security chip to encrypt data in your drives.

The company also announced new models to its Prestige and Modern lineup aimed at content creators. All new models is fitted with Intel’s new 11th Generation Processors and the are one of the few laptops with Intel’s EVO branding. Laptops under EVO brand is quality checked for quick wake times and all-day battery life.

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MSI Modern Series
Modern Series updated with “Chic and Contemporary colors”

Though the models look good to eyes, we are yet to know the pricing or real world thermal performance of these models to give out our verdict. Until then, stay subscribed to our page.

What’s your though on the new MSI business end laptops ? Comment below.

Written by Arul Prakash Samathuvamani and Akilan Venkatachalam.

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