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Grand Marina : Westin Chennai #DetroitFoodSafari

Westin has great buffets for a star hotel. And when Westin came up with dinner buffet theme in collaboration with “Sundari Akka”, the famous marina cook, well i had to give it a try.

Basics first, this dinner buffet is until February 16 and would cost you Rs.2200. 

Well, we have now established its price, is it worth it ?

Westin has done a really pretty job retrofitting the seasonal tastes to fit the theme. Especially the additional touch to dress its associates for the occasion. And Westin is knows for its hospitality, no issues there either.

Coming to the occasion, firstly prawns were so good !! and so were the crabs !! The prawns was well cooked with perfect amount of spices. And crabs, they were pretty well cooked too. I would have preferred prawns with little more pepper though. 

The issue comes when it comes to fish fry or fish kulambu. In my opinion, the fish fry could have been better. I have ate much better fishes at much more competitive prices. Coming to fish kulambu, it was literally the worst tasting kulambu that i have had (Figurative Speech) . 

And in a buffet themed “Sundari Akka”, where is her ? She is no where to be seen !

In my opinion, Westin would have been better off doing the special buffet in its style.

P.S. Desserts was pretty bad too.

Detroit Food Safari Ratings :

Food : 2/5 

Service : 5/5

Ambience : 4/5

Worth the money : 3/5

Detroit Food Safari Rating : 3/5 

Note this rating is only for this special buffet.

Is this dinner buffet worth the money? Westin buffet is worth the money. But this special buffet, maybe not.



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